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There is no better time than right now to become a Male Escort! Male Escorts and Male Companions for women have been very popular in The UK and Japan for years. Male Escorting is taking hold in the United States and is a growing trend for the future. A good Male Escort can easily pull in a $100,000 or more a year.

 You can now post an ad for your Escort Service on Back Page for only $5.00!  Back Page is similar to Craigslists, receives tons of traffic and has it's own Male Escort Section.

       Women now days are very much free independent thinkers and they want what they want. It's no longer taboo for women to enjoy sex or date around. Your clients will come from all walks of life: Powerful women that own their own business, CEOs, lonely housewives, divorcees, singles and ladies needing a date for an event. In today's busy environment, many women just don't have time for a relationship. it's much easier to hire exactly what you're looking for with a clean separation from a personal life with absolutely no strings attached. It's an escape, a fantasy and companionship with no drama or residuals to worry about.

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Tips on How To Become a Successful Male Escort:
Be Confident , outgoing and professional! Invest in yourself by working out and eating right. Spend a little on some quality clothing and cologne. You will also want to pay special attention to personal high gene and neatly trimming those private areas. Don't worry about your current situation or the car you drive etc. In most cases your client will provide and host you. 
Forget Sex . If you are getting in this business just because you just want all the sex you can get, forget it, go do something else. If you are outgoing, enjoy being with women and respect women then your in the right place. Your business is companionship, be sure to keep that your main focus and you will be successful. Women (well most women) are not going to want you to show up, strip down and do whatever. Just the opposite of what men want. They want a connection on some level even if it's ever so slight. Remember, focus on companionship and being who your client wants you to be first then the rest will easily fall into place.
Your Client. It's all about The Client not you! That's right you need to become or at least project WHO your client wants you to be! Your client may want you to be an exotic boyfriend, a bad boy, a soft cuddly friend that listens or whatever. She is paying you so you need to deliver what she wants. She is not going to want to listen to you ramble about your life, your drama or your greatness, etc. Tune into your client as if she is your best friend. Don't be too passive though - women want to be with a man who is in control of his own life. They want to tag along on a ride with an exciting and stimulating man. On the other hand don't be too aggressive or you could be perceived as a creeper! Most importantly Women want to feel safe and secure first. Your Client is more than likely nervous about meeting and being with a Male Escort. Make her feel comfortable!
BE Prepared! You need to know where the "good time" are! Some of your clients may want to go out for a nice quiet dinner, some may want to go dancing at a wild club and others may want to see a play. You must know when and where off the top of your head! Your client doesn't want to hear : "hmmm what was the name of that place I was at" or "I heard about this place" or the best one "Gosh I just don't know".  Many of your clients will be visiting from somewhere else and perhaps in town for business. You need to think of yourself as a tour guide! Start now. Make a list of all the various places that a women might enjoy. Make a note of the days they are open, closed, the busiest and so on. Don't forget shopping! Many Women love to shop and will appreciate unique shops that they can't find in their home town. Remember your running a business and it takes work. Covering all your bases and being prepared before you meet your client will insure your long term success.
How do I get started? The simplest way to get started is to promote yourself through Websites or blogs that are specific to Male Escorts or Women seeking dating or companionship. Have ready a few high quality pictures of yourself to post on your ads. It will take effort and work on your part! Do some Google searches in your area for community boards or classifieds where you can post an ad about your business. Do not post about how well endowed you are or how you can really please a women sexually etc. These type ads are cheap and not effective! You are offering companionship not sex. Keep in mind it is illegal in most areas to solicit sex! You may have to pay on some of the better sites to post your  ad. Like any bushiness you will have to invest some time and money to get it up and running. An interesting site for paid dating is Whats Your Price. The concept of paying for a friend or companionship is already in place! You can't and would not want to list yourself as a "Male Escort" on the Whats Your Price Site, but you could certainly promote yourself as being a great fun companion to be with etc.

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